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6 Feng Shui Bathroom Design Tips for Long Island Homes

In terms of bathroom design Long Island homeowners often think of basic function over style, while rooms such as the kitchen and master bedroom get all the glory. And when homeowners do remodel their bathrooms, luxurious designs and additions such as whirlpool tubs are often the focus. But the bathroom isn’t just a place for using the toilet, washing up, or even pampering yourself. Feng Shui – a set of design and architecture “rules” to orient the flow of energy in the home – dictates that a bathroom can be much more. With the right Feng Shui design you can create a space that minimizes the bad energy of the bathing room while maximizing positive energies in your home. After some sound advice from a knowledgeable designer and help from a trusted general contractor Long Island homeowners will soon find themselves in a more positive bathing space.

If you’re planning on working with a Feng Shui expert to renovate your home, here are six items to keep in mind – and directions on where (and where not) to place them.  

1.     Metal Wind Chimes

The tingling metal pipes will keep bad energy under control in your bathroom, and make it a more pleasant place to spend time. Just make sure they are not adorned with symbols and keep them in a south, south-east, or eastern direction. 

2.     Crystal Geodes

By hanging a crystal geode in the southern area of your bathroom, you can enjoy a beautiful show of light playing on the walls and suppress any negative fire energies coming from the south. 

3.     Lush Green Plants

Adding a few lush green plants in the northern area of your bathroom will also help to suppress negative water energy, and of course they simply brighten up the space! As with any home renovation Long Island homeowners are always encouraged to make it bright.

4.     Candles and Lanterns

Glowing candles or glittering lamps can create a calming effect and are best placed in the east or south-east are of your bathroom. Make sure to keep them lit for three hour intervals, and avoid placing them in the south, south-west, or north-east.

5.     Hanging Door Mirrors

Hanging a mirror on the bathroom door can help increase the “chi” in your home by bouncing it to other rooms rather than letting it escape down the drain, but make sure that it doesn’t reflect a bed, door, another mirror, or anything negative such as dirt and clutter. 

6.     Bathroom Rugs

The color and shape of your bathroom rug will depend on what corner of the home your bathroom is in. If it’s in the north you should choose a green rectangular rug; if it’s in the south you should choose a pink, yellow, or chocolate-brown rug in a square shape; if it’s in the east or south-east you should choose a red triangular rug; if it’s in the west or north-west you should choose a blue wavy rug; and if it’s in the south-west or north-east you should choose a grey circular rug.

Upon visiting Elite KB’s bathroom showroom Long Island homeowners will find much more than the fixtures and accessories to help put Fung Shei into this important space in the home. You can also find expert advice from our designers, some of whom even specialize in the art of Feng Shui! Stop into Elite Kitchen & Bath or contact us today to learn more.