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Celebrating 56 years in the United States

Good Day!

I turned 80 years old this year and have become more reflective on my personal and business life. I recently listened to a presentation by motivational speaker, Darren Hardy - Topic: "100 years of wisdom". It was quite interesting to listen to the interview of a highly successful man who turned 100 years old. The message of his success was quite simple: "Only a few things matter, stick to them and master them". I have been thinking about this message and how the trials and tribulations of my life brought me to where I am today. I did choose only a few things that mattered most to me. I feel I mastered them to the best of my ability. I just celebrated 56 years living in the United States. After I graduated Hofstra University , my first real career was in the architectural/ engineering industry. For 9 years, our focus was on nuclear engineering. I became a manager of 60 engineers and designers after working in the industry for 15 years. I always had fire in my belly but I am still surprised at the responsibility I achieved.

Of course the nuclear industry collapsed in the 80's, and I had to find new things that mattered. As we all know, saying yes to an opportunity is saying no to the rest. It is a difficult decision knowing what to say yes to. Just a few decisions in ones life can make your life great or difficult. I chose to use my attained skills in the construction business. I never regretted my decisions for one moment. In my personal life, I have had many twists and turns. Marring my beautiful wife Yelena was the best decision I could have made. She continues to make me so happy. Below is another excerpt from the interview. I hope you find it interesting like I do. Enjoy this issue of our newsletter including "Ask the Sharbanis" at the end of this newsletter.


“My greatest advantage,” he continued, “I wasn’t that smart. I was raised simply. Simple disciplines. Simple principles. I saw no other option than to find the simple way to do things and then just do them. No questions. Not complicating it. I didn’t know better. With time I learned—this wasn’t a disadvantage as I had once suspected; this was in fact the foundation for business, relationships, money, life. Everything is based on simple, basic principles. Do not try to be so smart. Or, be smart and see wisdom in simple truths. Don’t mess with them. Just do them.”

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