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Healthy Kitchen Design Innovations for Summer 2017

In the world of kitchen design, Long Island and Manhattan homeowners have more choices than ever. Products that help create a healthier home – while maintaining your preferred modern, transitional or traditional design – are among the smartest innovations emerging on the market. With summer still underway, now is an ideal time to consider some of these innovative products as part of a smart home renovation. Here are a few of the latest creations to help you create a healthier and more beautiful home by winter:

Contact us at 516-365-0595 for your home remodeling and kitchen and bath design needs!

Contact us at 516-365-0595 for your home remodeling and kitchen and bath design needs!

A Water Generator Driven by Humidity and Temperature

The unique technology inside of every EcoloBlue EB30 Atmospheric Water Generator sets this product apart from other water filters and generators, as it works on the humidity and temperature in the atmosphere. The EB30 offers 12 steps of water generation and filtration and can generate as much as 30 liters of refreshing, pure water in a 24-hour period. It also blends seamlessly into any home or office, so you don’t have to worry about upsetting your kitchen design. Manhasset, Great Neck and other North Shore Long Island and Manhattan residents can easily find products like this at Elite Kitchen & Bath.

Smarter Vents to Challenge Indoor Air Pollution

Products such as the Enerbee Smart Vent are changing the way people think of home design with a higher standard of air quality. The Smart Vent offers a proprietary energy generator that monitors air quality while measuring air flow and levels of carbon dioxide, humidity, pressure, temperature and volatile organic compounds. With RF connectivity, this intelligent home product calculates all the levels and vents air intelligently to distribute the cleanest and healthiest possible air to the kitchen and every room in the house.

Smoke Alarms That You Can Control with Your Smartphone

A new era in smoke alarms is being heralded in with innovations like the Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm, which will alert you through a smartphone app if smoke or steam are detected in any part of your house. This product is particularly innovative because of the 85-decibel alarm that sounds off when unhealthy levels of smoke or steam are detected, but if you want to shut it off or contact emergency services you simply use the same app. The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm also offers a ten-year battery life, Apple HomeKit compatibility, and second-by-second self-checking.

A ‘Telehealth Kit’ That Helps Keep the Doctor Away

The TytoHome kit is a highly innovative piece of technology that enables remote ear, nose, heart, skin, throat and temperature examinations without visiting the clinic, doctor’s office or hospital emergency room. Using an intelligently designed device and acute sensors, the kit captures data on a smartphone and sends it back to your doctor for assessment. Why waste time and resources going to see the doctor every time you feel a bit funny when you can send them the same data that they would collect in-office? While this product doesn’t replace annual visits and more serious health-related examinations, it’s a terrific way to get a quick checkup without leaving the house.

These products are just scratching the surface of smart home innovations. There are numerous other products to consider right now if you’re considering a new home and kitchen design. Great Neck, Manhasset and all residents of North Shore Long Island have more choices than ever to create a happy, healthy and heavenly-looking home. In terms of healthy living, though, the above innovations are a good place to start.