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Long Island Bathroom and Kitchen Design Trends Sweeping the Nation

In terms of home renovation Long Island is one part of the country that stays on the cutting edge. Being right on the edge of the Atlantic coast and so close to the design hub of Manhattan, Long Island homeowners find it easy to stay on top of the latest remodeling trends. And there is no limit to how simple or outlandish these design projects can get. From small kitchen design projects to whole-house overhauls, these are a few of the remodeling trends taking over in Long Island and stylish places across the country:   

A New Look at Metal

While metal has never really gone out of style, designers are taking a new look at metals in bathrooms and kitchens. The kitchen provides a particularly fertile ground for utilizing metal in your home design. After one visit to our kitchen showroom Long Island residents can easily refit all their cabinets with new metal fixtures that make a bold statement, particularly when used as a focal point with wooden cabinetry.  

Accessible Home Design

More and more people are choosing to “age in place” and stay in their homes after they retire and grow older. Making this transition requires a little remodeling, though, including removing tripping hazards and increasing mobility for residents. And why not add some style while making your home more livable? After visiting our kitchen and bathroom showroom Long Island homeowners should have a better idea of the range of accessible products that are available. Our design and construction team can also show you how to make it happen.

Color Comes to the Forefront

While neutral colors are always a safe bet, it is now becoming more common for homeowners to saturate their home with bright colors and bold patterns. Rather than matching hues and patterns strictly, there is more room for making a statement with an unexpected splash of color. This kind of coloring outside the lines, so to speak, can give the interior of a home a playful or dramatic edge even when the foundation of colors and patterns is still quite neutral.

Customization and a Clash of Styles

Following the herd is one trend homeowners are leaving behind, as more and more people want to put their own twist on the design of their home and achieve something slightly different than what you’ll find in any other home. And sometimes this means breaking some rules. Mixing and maxing is one way that homeowners are making their space stand out from the rest. If you like rich, textured fabrics and colorful tiles but also like the modern minimalism of white walls and sleek, metal fixtures, why not have it all?

Tubs and Showers that Stand Alone

Standalone showers and tubs have become two of the hottest trends in bathroom design, following the movement towards open floor plans in the modern home. These freestanding showers and tubs take up less space than the decked-in shower-bath combos, look very stylish, and there are plenty of options for luxuries such as jets and sprays.

These are just a few of the design trends taking over homes in Long Island and across the country. If you’re feeling inspired, why not visit our design showroom and get a few ideas for your next home renovation project?