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Design Ideas Ruling the Land of Long Island Home Renovation

With so many new ideas for home renovation Long Island homeowners have no shortage of inspiration when redesigning their homes. In recent blog posts we’ve detailed some of the trendiest design ideas sweeping the nation, and particularly Long Island homes, so far in 2016. From cutting edge counter tops to new color choices, we’ve seen it all. Or have we? It seems that some unexpected trends – such as smartly designed basement escapes and a contemporary return to the classic look of wood – are also emerging as time marches on. Here are a few more ideas to consider if you’re planning a home renovation project this year.


Making the Most of Basements and Attics

You may think of dark, dusty, creepy corners used primarily for storage when you think of the basement beneath a home or the attic above a home’s living spaces. More and more homeowners are making the most of these underused spaces in their homes, though, and contractors are heeding the call. With help from a good general contractor Long Island homeowners can turn their basement or attic into a guest room, home office, hobby room, or serene escape. For basements, the key is to brighten up dark spaces with carefully chosen lighting fixtures and light-colored floors, walls, and trim. For attics, the key is to make the space more comfortable, personalized, and well-lit, while downplaying the shorter ceiling. 

New Ways of Looking at Good Old Wood

Wood has been a staple of home design and construction for centuries, but there are always new ways to look at this old standby. While hardwood floors are commonplace in both contemporary and traditional homes, some designers are looking for inventive ways to interweave wooden materials into the floors, walls, and furniture simultaneously. Even mixing and matching different types of wood – as well as different colors, grains, and stains – is becoming more popular in contemporary homes.   

Open Plans Bring the Kitchen to the Forefront

It’s no secret that open plans are popular in modern homes, and more than ever this means opening up the kitchen to connect it with the other common areas of the home. Most new homes are built with open plans that bring kitchens, dining rooms, sitting rooms, and living rooms together. When it comes to remodelling projects, breaking down walls to expose the kitchen and keep the cook from being isolated is also an increasingly common goal.    

Eco Friendly Bathrooms That Respect the Environment

Consumers are savvier than ever when shopping for eco-friendly and energy-efficient products. When it comes to bathroom design Long Island homeowners are no longer satisfied with a sticker that tells them a product will save them money or is good for the environment; a savvy homeowner will know the difference. When visiting our kitchen and bathroom showroom Long Island homeowners will find a variety of eco-friendly and energy-efficient products and materials that pass the savvy consumer test. Since we spend so much time and energy in the bathroom, it makes sense that homeowners want to feel good about this space.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the latest trends in Long Island homes, but merely our latest sampling of what’s out there. What are some of your favorite new home design trends in 2016? We’re always curious about the latest ideas on the horizon and welcome your comments.