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2019 Kitchen & Bath Trends

It is always curious how a design, color, style is so popular and suddenly a sign of the past. Several of the predictions for 2019 fall into this category. For instance, gray has been very popular for the last couple years and now is considered out of style. In reviewing several top design sites, these are the stand out features they agree on in their predictions. We will begin with a few "out of style" designs for 2019 and then move on to desirable trends for 2019.

Out of Style

  • Industrial Kitchen & Elements - The more sterile look of industrial including big stainless hoods are out for 2019.

  • Granite and marble continue to be on the out

  • Stainless steel is on the out. Still fairly popular but not the "go to"

  • Over the range microwave (if you can help it!)

  • Everything shiny & glossy in the kitchen.

  • Large tub in the bathroom

  • All white kitchens

  • Minimalism in kitchen design

2019 Design Trends

  • Matte Black - Whether it is matte black stainless appliances, or kitchen fixtures and hardware, black is the new fresh color. Matte black cabinetry is trending as well. You can add jewel colored lighting, wood or brighter colored counter tops to compliment the black features.

  • Two-toned kitchens continue - Whether it is a paint & wood combo on upper and lower cabinetry or a blue or hunter green painted island with a white or walnut perimeter, the two toned kitchens are still the darling in 2019

  • Brass accents continue into 2019 but is now accompanied by black, pewter and copper. Mixed metal finishes is a popular design trend too.

  • Quartz continues to be the counter top material of choice

  • Open shelving in kitchens

  • Concealed small appliances

  • Integrated appliances with matching panels

  • Utilizing stone and other natural materials

  • Textured backsplash

  • Mixing classic and modern elements for an eclectic look & feel

  • Undercounter microwaves

  • Concrete in bathrooms

  • Artwork in bathrooms & kitchens as a statement piece

  • Smart accessories in kitchen & bath

  • Spa like designs for bathrooms

  • Metal framed shower doors

  • Full glass shower enclosures

  • Big showers

  • Floating vanities & floating toilets - Easier to keep clean underneath

  • Marble as an artwork piece - bathroom walls, shower walls.


Cabinetry Still King When it comes to Kitchen Redesign

Ask any general contractor Manhasset to Long Island and beyond, and they’ll tell you cabinetry is still king when it comes to kitchen redesign projects. When you enter our kitchen and bath showroom in Manhasset, NY, the wide selection of cabinetry from fine makers such as Rutt and Touchstone attests to this cabinet-focused approach to kitchen design. But what is so special about the cabinets? Why are cabinets the most-sold product in almost any kitchen showroom? Long Island, Manhasset and Great Neck homeowners with newly remodeled kitchens might be able to tell you why, but don’t wait to find them. We can tell you right now why cabinets are still king when it comes to kitchen redesign. 

Elite is a “One Stop Shop” for design and all home renovations. Call 516-365-0595 to talk to one of our in house professionals to get your kitchen renovation started today!

Elite is a “One Stop Shop” for design and all home renovations. Call 516-365-0595 to talk to one of our in house professionals to get your kitchen renovation started today!


Cabinets Are Where the Heart Is

The cabinets are where you’ll find the heart of the kitchen. While the appliances offer all the functionality, the cabinets are the center of the spatial and aesthetic design. The doors or “faces” of the cabinets take up more space in the viewer’s eye than any other part of the kitchen, the boxed interior provides storage that takes the kitchen from cluttered to clean, and the hardware including knobs and pulls adds a truly unique stylistic touch that pulls everything together.

New Cabinets Can Go a Long Way

While a massive kitchen overhaul may sound like a nightmare, installing new cabinets doesn’t sound so bad, right? And with nothing more than new cabinets, you can truly transform your kitchen. Just one peak at our design center should make the possibilities clear. Even if you have a tight budget or time constraints, you can dramatically change the look, feel and function of your kitchen by changing nothing more than the cabinetry.

The Right Cabinetry Enhances Real Estate Value

You may have heard that improvements to the kitchen and bathroom can do more to increase the real estate value of a home than any other renovations made in a home. If you haven’t heard, just ask a general contractor. Great Neck, Long Island and Manhasset homeowners can improve the resale value of their home by simply adding new cabinets to their kitchen, while a project with a similar budget and timeframe in the living room or bedrooms may only have a miniscule effect.

More Cabinet Choices than Ever Before

While cabinetry used to be fairly standardized, with only a small range of available options for doors and handles, the options are seemingly endless in this day and age. Our range of Rutt products, for example, includes three product lines: Rutt Classic, Regency by Rutt, and Ruskin designed by Scott A. Stultz exclusively for Rutt. Within these three product lines alones you’ll find more colors, materials, shapes, fixtures and other detail choices than you can imagine. Whether you want to create a French country kitchen, Asian-inspired eating place or contemporary culinary space with muted colors and seamless lines, you can achieve that look with the right cabinetry. The products are out there for you to play around with, have fun with, and create the ideal kitchen for yourself and your loved ones’ wants and needs.

As you can see, cabinetry is certainly still king when it comes to kitchen redesign. If you’re still not convinced, just stop by our kitchen and bath showroom! Long Island, Great Neck and Manhasset homeowners from far and wide have already discovered the versatility and heightened effect of the right cabinetry in their kitchens and dining spaces.

The Latest Trends in Long Island Kitchen & Bath Renovation

As the premier general contractor Long Island turns to for kitchen and bathroom renovations, Elite Kitchen & Bath sees the latest home trends firsthand. So what are the biggest trends right now? Keep reading to find out.

The Latest Trends in Bath Renovation

When it comes to bath renovation, Long Island homeowners have a variety of choices and no two bathrooms look alike. But despite all this variety we still see trends emerging over time. Right now, for instance, freestanding bathtubs such as claw tubs are becoming a more popular choice for the bathroom, while many homeowners are opting for a master shower that replaces the traditional bathtub setup altogether. This is due in part to the fact that traditional bathtubs cause accessibility issues for many older homeowners, who are choosing to stay in their homes. Other homeowners just don’t use a bathtub enough to warrant having one, and with luxurious walk-in showers and added features such as handheld sprayers and rain-head faucets there’s not much to be missed. One thing is certain – cheap materials such as fiberglass are out altogether. Most homeowners will opt for tiles even when on a tight budget.    

The Latest Trends in Kitchen Renovation

In the world of kitchen renovation, Long Island homeowners seem to be sticking with go-to styles such as glazed cabinets with neutral shades such as grey winning out over more attention-grabbing colors. The idea is to let the custom cabinetry and stainless steel appliances speak for themselves. There are more noticeable trends emerging for new countertop additions, however, with materials such as quartz growing in popularity. While granite is still a popular option for kitchen renovations, quartz is certainly an option many homeowners at least consider.  

To learn more about the latest trends in bath and kitchen renovation, and all the options homeowners now have to consider, you can always visit the Elite Kitchen & Bath design center. Long Island and New York City homeowners are always welcome to stop by with any questions or just to see what new products are trending right now!