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Top 3 Tips for Planning and Designing a Large Long Island Bathroom

There are many tips for a larger bathroom design Long Island homeowners should be aware of as they plan for an expansive master bath. Whether you want a perfect place to get ready with your significant other, a functional space for the whole family or a luxurious spa sanctuary just for yourself, there are many considerations you might not even think of until it’s too late. You need to get the shape right, for starters, so you don’t have an awkward unused area that could be better utilized. You will also need to decide what kind of surfaces will look right in a large bathroom and fit within your budget, what kind of heating options will keep the whole space warm in winter, and what kind of bathtub will achieve your desired specifications.

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After visiting our bathroom showroom Long Island homeowners will see that there are many options and hopefully leave with some much-needed advice, but before you even think of what you want to purchase consider these following top three tips:

Think About Function First

While your mind may wander to stylish materials and luxurious additions as you start planning the design of your master bathroom, you must sit down and think about the functionality before anything else. First of all, how will this bathroom be used? You will need to plan differently if several people will be using this bathroom during busy mornings than if it will only be used by one or two people. If it’s going to be heavily trafficked then you might want to consider a separate shower outside of the bath and “his and hers” sinks are always a good idea. If you’re looking to create a relaxing spa atmosphere for one or two people to enjoy, on the other hand, you will probably want to dedicate more of your budget to a top-of-the-line whirlpool bath. And, whatever your goals, it is essential to have ample storage and to make sure that all your furnishings match or complement one another. 

Build “Zones” into the Bathroom   

Whether this bathroom will be used by one, two or ten people, you will want to create zones that section off areas of the bathroom for different purposes. The sink and toilet should each have their own “room within a room” so one person can be taking a bath or shower while someone else is brushing their teeth while someone else is using the toilet. And a separate space for the bathtub is always nice so this zone can be dedicated to relaxation. Simply installing a door isn’t your only option, though it is essential for the toilet. With help from a general contractor Long Island homeowners can also create different zones by building upper and lower levels into the space and utilizing different flooring materials to differentiate the spaces. Just make sure they don’t clash!

Get the Storage You Need Where You Need It

If there is more than one person using a bathroom there is bound to be clutter as each person will have their own products that they prefer to use every day. Even one person can create quite a bit of clutter, so large families really have a tough time keeping the main bathroom tidy. This is why it’s a good idea to implement multiple storage solutions as you plan and design your large master bathroom. You might consider built-in shelves, above-sink cabinetry, wall-hung cabinets and freestanding cabinets to store everything that everyone needs in a place where they can reach it when they need it. Cabinetry is also an essential component in order to keep all your stuff out of sight and avoid clutter.

When it comes to home renovation Long Island homeowners are wise to focus on their master bathrooms to maximize resale value. At the end of the day, though, the master bathroom should always be designed for those using it right now.