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Does Your Kitchen Date You

How would you know when it is time to remodel your kitchen?

We had a potential client come into our Manhasset showroom a couple months ago and she said she wanted to redo her kitchen because her current kitchen dates her. In our view, this was an emotional decision to remodel. There are so many reasons to remodel your kitchen, bath or any room. We thought it would be a fun topic to explore. Sometimes there are several reasons that propel people to redo their kitchen. Here are just a few we have experienced:


  • Emotional - If your kitchen dates you; Want to keep up with the Joneses; Hate the kitchen in a home you purchased
  • Improve Family Life - Want bigger kitchen, open layout, kitchen island, more attractive kitchen, family gathering space , entertaining kitchen, gourmet kitchen.
  • Practical - The current layout is too small, poor workflow, poor layout, not enough counter space, need more storage
  • Upgrade - Desire newest advancements in cabinetry, technology, accessories, appliances, materials.
  • Health - Want cabinetry with low or no formaldehyde, want all green materials, water filtration system, air purification
  • Improve sale-ability of home - Future thinking
  • New amenities - Accessories can make life in the kitchen easier & more organized
  • Smart home technology - Automatic lighting, auto temperature control, security, electronics , automatic music
  • Energy saving - Appliances, lighting, insulation
  • Modernize - Decided you want a new style
  • Special needs - Wheel chair access, Multi-generational design for cooking, gathering.
  • Worn out Kitchen - Broken kitchen doors/hinges, worn out finishes on low-mid end cabinetry
  • Inspiration - Need inspiration to create great meals & parties

So, does your kitchen date you? Here are a few items to consider:

As with all fashion, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If a client absolutely loves a look, even if we know it is already outdated or about to be, often times we have to give it them. The kitchen (or any room) is being designed for them to live in, create memorable experiences and feel good about. As designers & re-modelers, we always guide our clients on "trends", new products as well as classic looks. But in the end, they have to go home to it every night, not us. Let's take a peak at what will "date you" in the kitchen of 2018....

Cabinetry Color

Cabinetry colors come and go. Certain colors withstand the test of time. Light maples have become less vogue. However, neutrals including shades of white & gray as well as medium to darker wood stains always seem fresh and classic. Gray does seem to be more "in" some years but it stays popular enough not to look outdated. We have been seeing two-toned kitchens more often. Walnut toned, dark blue or gray islands with a white or light gray perimeter have been popular. We have seen paint more popular for the perimeter and wood stain is equally popular to paint for islands. Bleached wood is making its way into the kitchen. A matte sleek look is usually timeless.

We suggest if the color is not a classic, go with it only if you absolutely love it & plan on staying in your home long term. What many people still choose to do is decide on a neutral cabinet color and more bold accessories. The accessories are easier to change out when you grow tired of them or want to sell your house.

Cabinetry Style

The simpler the door the better chance it will stay in style. Of course the Shaker door is one of the most timeless doors you can choose. There are many variations in the stiles & rails that you can play with to create different looks. Modern flat doors are also timeless. The modern acrylics are trending into the suburbs. The suburbs have resisted the more modern look but more and more homeowners are gravitating towards the flat door. The overly ornate kitchens become more outdated than other designs.


Satin & chrome will be around for a long time. Brass is making its way back in 2018. They are easy enough to change unless the hardware is an unusual size.


If you don't have LED lighting, your kitchen is in need of a lighting plan update. Many clients love motion sensors -when you walk into the room, the lights go on; when there is no motion, they turn off. Convenience & safety are two important features of automatic lights in the kitchen.


Granite has become a second choice to Quartz. Quartz is an engineered material created through a manufacturing process of 93-95% ground quartz stone and 5-7% resin plus added colors. They are easier to maintain than granite. There is a great variety of choices to fit just about every style of kitchen. Our lifestyles are gravitating towards wanting more personal time. In this vain, ease of use & clean-ability is a huge selling point of quartz.

Wall Color

The neutrals still win. The light grays & whites seem to always be on top of the list. We have experienced people wanting blues & greens more often. Paint color is an easy thing to change to update any space. So we encourage our clients to choose a color they love.


We have seen a shift towards porcelain tiles in the kitchen. Clients love the porcelain that appears to be a wood floor. Much easier to clean. More durable. And not susceptible to water damage like wood. This fits in with the easier lifestyle. Clients have us install radiant heat under the floors to maintain the warmer feel of wood. However, we still have clients with an allegiance to wood floors. They love the look & feel of wood.


The white subway tile may finally be played out. Clients with the budget to create what they want are choosing water-jet tiles which are quite stunning. There are beautiful yet subtle patterns & colors that will enhance the space for years to come. More clients are also experimenting with more bold colors and patterns. Texture is always great, especially when the client goes with a white kitchen. The back-splash can add a depth to the white kitchen and there are endless possibilities. Still popular too is the counter-top material used for the back-splash for a clean modern look.

Smart Home Products

Phones are not the only technology upgrades in our community. Consumers want panels in one place that control the lighting and/or temperature control of the kitchen and other rooms. These are the most popular upgrades due to the convenience, energy control and good looks of these units. Many people add security features when they are doing a major renovation.