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Get Your Home Nice and Toasty in Time for Autumn and Beyond

While fine cabinetry always catches customers’ eyes in the Elite kitchen showroom, Long Island and Manhattan homeowners would also do well to consider new appliances and other technology upgrades to make their homes as comfortable as they are beautiful. This is especially important when autumn is upon us and winter is not far behind – and our team of designers and contractors is here to help. Upon visiting the Elite Kitchen & Bath kitchen showroom, Manhasset, Great Neck and other North Shore Long Island and Manhattan homeowners can find all they need to keep their homes nice and toasty. Keep reading to learn about some new products that maximize comfort while reducing energy usage in your home.


Start with Your Home Thermostat

The thermostat is one of the most important components of a comfortable home throughout the year, particularly when weather hits extremes of hot and cold. A well-functioning thermostat will detect the temperature of important rooms in your home and make necessary adjustments to maintain your chosen level of warmth this autumn and winter. Then, when spring and summer roll around, you can count on your thermostat to keep things as cool as you’d like. One of the latest advances in thermostat technology, Carrier’s Côr 5C and Côr 7C thermostats, are now available to make things even more comfortable. This new range of thermostats offers Wi-Fi-enabled controls, up-to-the-minute savings forecasts based on temperature adjustments, and a Smart Setback feature that uses your home’s thermal characteristics to optimize performance and reduce energy over-usage. It is also compatible with smart home systems such as Apple® HomeKit™ and Amazon Echo.

Take Your Water Heater to the Next Level

From formal dinner parties to casual nights at home with the family, your water heater can make sure you’re continuously able to heat water for cooking, cleaning, bathing and other tasks you can’t do without. Tankless water heaters, which produce hot water out of the tap without the constraints of a cumbersome storage tank, are the leading technology components that ensure a constant heated water supply. Bosch Thermotechnology Corp has added the premium Greentherm 9900i SER model to its line of tankless condensing water heaters, which recently took home the Consumer Technology Association’s 2017 Innovation Award. This is a prime example of how innovations in technology can provide maximum comfort in the home while reducing human impact on the environment.

With a warm and toasty temperature, your home will feel as cozy as can be this autumn and beyond. This is the ultimate accompaniment to any remodeling projects you’ve recently completed or plan on undertaking soon. If you think it’s time to update the heating and other comfort systems in your home, don’t hesitate to stop by Elite’s kitchen showroom. Great Neck, Manhasset and other North Shore Long Island and Greater Manhattan homeowners can take advantage of the guidance and assistance on offer to make the right choices for their homes. Stop by today and see what Elite Kitchen & Bath can do for you.