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Five Red-Hot Technology Additions to Revamp Your Home or Kitchen

As summer ends and kids return to school, it’s the perfect time to peruse the latest technology innovations at your local kitchen showroom, Manhasset, Great Neck and other North Shore Long Island and Manhattan homeowners can simply walk the aisles of Elite Kitchen & Bath’s home remodeling and design service center to see what’s out there. From smart refrigerators to even smarter digital home assistants, the possibilities are virtually endless. Before hitting the kitchen showroom, Long Island and Manhattan residents can also research the kinds of technology that would be most helpful in their home. Here are five of the hottest home innovations to consider for the kitchen and beyond:


An Antenna that Streams Over the Air

The Mohu AirWave is a new kind of over-the-air antenna that features streaming integration to connect all the broadcast and streaming TV that your heart desires. Whether you’re watching in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or any other room in the house, this wireless device will integrate all your live/local television needs with the free streaming channels so many of us watch with devices such as Android, Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku and iOS.  If you’re ready to “cut the cords,” this is the device for you.

A Fridgecam that Makes Shopping a Breeze

While it may be strange to imagine an app that uses camera technology to remind you which commonly used items are out or running low in your refrigerator, just think for a second how convenient that would be. No more trying to remember what you need when you’re running errands or on your way home from work. No more doing the shopping only to return and find your family’s eaten everything you thought you still had in the fridge. For some busy people, this could be like a breath of fresh air.

Home Cyber Security that Rivals Big Business

The new Fortress UTM appliance offers unified threat management with an expansive touch-screen system that is easy to set up and monitor so you can keep all your cyber systems safe (including that new Fridgecam you just had installed). Features include:

·      Anti-virus and firewall protection for all Internet, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi devices

·      ‘Cyberguard 24/7’ instant response service

·      Detection and prevention of all cyber intruders

A Smarter Voice Service Assistant

Most of us have heard of Siri, but she’s not the only cloud-based voice service assistant out there. Some of the new products on the market are giving her a run for her money. Lenovo’s Smart Assistant uses the Amazon Alexa range of voice services, which are also cloud-based, to enable you to do pretty much anything online without pressing a single button. You could choose music to play while chopping veggies in the kitchen, search for information while holding a baby in your arms, or create lists and update your calendar without sore fingers. You can even connect all your other smart home devices to make your home run seamlessly.

A Water Heater Without a Tank

While there are countless other appliances to consider at our kitchen showroom, New York, and other North Shore Long Island and Manhattan homeowners would be wise to take a good look at the final item in this list. The Bosch Greentherm 9900i SER is one of the most premium tankless condensing water heaters on the market and was even awarded the Consumer Technology Association’s 2017 Innovation Award. Imagine heating all the water for your kitchen and other rooms in your home – without a big tank to worry about!

These are just five shining examples of the most inventive gadgets that can make your kitchen, bathroom and entire home a seamless environment for relaxing and living. Visit Elite Kitchen & Bath’s home remodeling and design service center today for more inspiration.