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The Difference Between Stock & Custom Cabinets for Savvy Long Island Homeowners

When it comes to custom cabinets Long Island homeowners are spoiled for choice. Elite Kitchen & Bath offers a wide range of custom styles for your home. The choices might seem overwhelming, though, if you’re thinking of upgrading the cabinets in your home. One choice you may be considering is whether to purchase stock cabinets or custom cabinetry, but look no further. The following article should help explain the difference between stock and custom cabinets and provide other pertinent information so you can make a more informed choice.

Call Elite Kitchen & Bath at 516-365-0595 for your home renovation needs!

Call Elite Kitchen & Bath at 516-365-0595 for your home renovation needs!

Stock vs. Custom

When you purchase premade cabinets in a standard size from a large manufacturer, they are considered stock cabinets. You cannot customize the size, shape, color or any other features of stock cabinetry. They may look nice and achieve a unique affect, but if you want handcrafted cabinets made to your specifications you will need to go with custom cabinetry. The cost may be a bit higher and you may need to wait a few weeks, but you will truly get what you pay for. A custom cabinet project will involve a great deal of time and personal attention to ensure you get exactly what you want.

How to Spot High-Quality Cabinetry

Whether purchasing stock cabinets or custom cabinets Manhasset and Great Neck homeowners should always check for the quality of their cabinets before making the final purchase. If you see extremely thin laminate, simulated wood grain, mismatched wood or poorly constructed joints, keep looking for something better. Also check the quality of the inside of the drawers, make sure the doors and drawers open and shut smoothly, and try to find cabinetry that utilizes dovetail joints and sturdy ball bearings.

Get the Size Right

Typical cabinets come with a width of nine to 48 inches in increments of three inches and a height that runs from 30-42 inches for counters and 12-24 inches for sinks. There are also tall cabinets that typically come in heights of 84-96 inches to fit into a room with an eight-foot ceiling. But with custom cabinets Great Neck and Manhasset homeowners can get any size they need to suit the unique dimensions of their home and create an exclusive look. 

Other Cabinet Customizations

In addition to customizing the size, shape and color of your cabinets, it’s also possible to make several unique modifications to your cabinetry. After visiting our kitchen showroom Long Island homeowners are often dazzled by the possibilities of modifications such as breadboards, door attachments, roll-out shelves, toe kicks and wine racks. You can also add various upgrades after your cabinets have been installed, such as ironing boards, knife racks, Lazy Susans, spice racks and more.

With everything on display at the Elite kitchen showroom, Great Neck and Manhasset homeowners – as well as homeowners from throughout Long Island and Manhattan – are certainly spoilt for choice. And this means you can always find exactly what you’re looking for to create a custom look that makes your house feel more like a home.