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Tips for Working with a Kitchen Designer to Achieve Your Vision

When it comes to finding the right kitchen designer Great Neck homeowners are fortunate to have the Elite Kitchen & Bath team so close to home. But even with the best kitchen designer, the finest products, and a top-notch contractor, you’ll probably encounter some unexpected hurdles as you overhaul this important area of the home. Before planning any major installations or visiting our kitchen & bath showroom Great Neck homeowners are encouraged to think about their wants and needs, and whether they need a kitchen designer. With a little foresight, and a lot of patience, your kitchen designer can truly deliver for you.

First Decide Whether You Need a Kitchen Designer

For a simple installation of new kitchen cabinetry Great Neck homeowners might not need a kitchen designer. However, for more complicated projects involving major renovations and customer cabinetry Great Neck homeowners might find a certified kitchen designer makes everything run more smoothly and turn out better in the end. Anything that’s going to cost more than a few hundred dollars will probably require a designer, so keep that in mind.

Know What You Want Before Meeting Your Designer

Once you’ve decided to work with a designer, it’s a good idea to take stock of your kitchen and do a bit of research on your own. Take note of anything that doesn’t work, as well as anything that still works okay but just looks outdated. Think about any new items you would like to install and spend some time pondering your own personal style. It also helps if you’ve done some research before meeting with your designer to understand the aesthetic you’re looking for, how you’d like things to work together, and any new equipment you want.

Remember to Keep an Open Mind with Your Designer

While it’s important to know exactly what you want in your new kitchen, it’s also a good idea to keep an open mind when you start working with a kitchen designer. Your designer may suggest great ideas that you hadn’t thought of, or warn you when they think something you’ve suggested will not work out as well as you’d imagined. You don’t have to go along with their ideas, but stay flexible. They ae the expert, after all.  

Agree on Budget, Timeline, and Number of Draft Plans

Once you agree to work with a kitchen designer you will need to agree on several key components of the job: most importantly your budget, preferred timeline, and the number of draft plans you want to see. Once your designer knows your budget and the timeline to complete the project, they can create a draft of their plan. It’s normal for a designer to write up multiple drafts of the plan before they achieve your vision, but make sure to agree on how many draft plans you’re willing to see beforehand to avoid confusion.

After visiting our kitchen showroom Great Neck homeowners can start working with a designer almost immediately, and plans will fall into place shortly after. If you decide to take this route just remember the tips above to save yourself any unnecessary stress. Also, remember to keep mid-project changes to a minimum to ensure a smooth ride, and above all else be patient – achieving your dream kitchen won’t happen overnight.