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The Top Home Remodeling Trends to Watch in 2017

Curious to know which trends in home remodeling Long Island will see this year? Look no further. We have compiled a list of the biggest home remodeling trends to watch in 2017, per some of the nation’s top interior designers and home magazines. These decorating and remodeling ideas are just a few of the trends to watch in 2017, though. Who knows where this year in design and remodeling will take us!

Cerused Wood is All the Rage

There is a new wood finishing technique, known as applying a “cerused” finish, that highlights the wood’s unique grain. While this trend first appeared only in upscale shops, it is now becoming more common for customers in varied markets across the United States. In 2017 you can expect to see more wooden cabinets, chairs, tables and storage pieces with a cerused finish.

Jewel and Pastel Tones Reappear as Major Trends

Interior designers are looking to nature for color inspiration in 2017, with jewel tones such as amethyst and emerald reemerging as major trends. Expect to see everything from wall paint to throw pillows in jewel-inspired tones, which contrasts nicely with pastel colors inspired by the sky and flower-filled pastures. When it comes to bathroom design Long Island interior designers are particularly keen to inject a good dose of color inspired by the brightest and warmest hues found in nature.  

Marble and Subway Tiles are Big in 2017

There are two noticeable trends in kitchen design Long Island homeowners should consider in 2017: marble and subway tiles. While marble is a classic material, it is sometimes more popular than others, and right now this strong and elegant stone is having a moment in the sun that won’t be ending anytime soon. Subway tiles are also a very popular option right now, and considering how affordable and versatile they are it’s worth giving these tiles a second thought if you’re going for a new kitchen look.   

Matte Appliances and Smart Home Features Are In

Brushed-metal appliances appear to be waning in popularity somewhat, while matte appliances appear to be all the rage. And while you’re replacing old appliances, why not invest in new appliances that are energy-efficient and cutting-edge, with smart home features built in? The future is now when it comes to home appliances and today’s homeowners might be surprised at the number of features available.  

Nail-head Details Rule the Day

Elegant nail-heads are common in upholstered pieces of furniture, where they serve a functional purpose, but they are also making their way into everything from credenzas and storage chests to lighting fixture bases. A pattern of well-designed nail-heads can add a beautiful detail to any number of items in the home.

Oversized Furniture, Brushed Metal and Overly Antiqued Looks Are Out

As mentioned earlier, brushed-metal appliances appear to be waning in popularity somewhat. But what else is going “out” in 2017? Rooms that are ostentatiously furnished completely with antiques appear to be going out of style, as modern designers are combining the old and the new for a startling affect. Oversized furniture, which was very popular everywhere from hotels and homes to bookstores and coffee shops in the early 21st century, is also now a dated look by today’s interior design standards.
There is plenty of new inspiration to consider if you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen or bathroom in 2017. At the end of the day, though, what really matters is what you really like. These trends should only be a starting point on your journey to a new home.